Introducing VAD Wear®

Whether your VAD is destination therapy or you are waiting for your new heart, you want your life to feel as normal as possible. You want the freedom to live YOUR life! VAD Wear was developed to help you do just that. The VAD Wear pocket system provides the user the ability to move more freely, helps to maintain balance by better weight distribution and conceals your lines to help keep your equipment safe, secure, and undercover.

VAD Wear®, designed by a VAD patient… for VAD patients.

About Our Innovator

I am an innovator. I am also a VAD patient. I know, first hand, the problems many VAD patients face every day and I am determined to find solutions. When I develop a product that provides great benefits to my own life and wellbeing, I can’t wait to share it.

“At C-MED Innovations we strive to find simple solutions to some of life’s more complex problems.” .


Chris Hillios